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            On the 3rd of July 2017, Can Tho university of Technology (CTUT) had a welcome meeting with volunteers of World Friends ICT volunteers program (KIV 2017) from National Information Agency (NIA) within the volunteering program of Korean government. Participating the meeting are representatives of CTUT Rector Board, representatives of International Relations office, Youth Union and Student Asociation.

Following the KIV program in 2015 and 2016, this is the third year that CTUT received KIV volunteers. During the time from 1st of July to 20th of August 2017, the 04 Korean volunteers will organize classes of Information Technology, Korean language and culture as well as Kpop dance. In addition, while volunteering in CTUT, the volunteers would take part in activities of cultural, sports and culinary exchange with Vietnamese students, and join activities organized by the Youth Union and Student Asociation together with CTUT students. These activities are meaningful to CTUT students in terms of IT knowledge update and application. This is also a good chance for CTUT students and  staff to learn more about Korean country and people. Moreover, the program would help CTUT students and staff to have more exposure to international working and exchanging condition, and improve communication skills within the environment of globalization.

The World friends IT Volunteers Program is one the overseas volunteer programs of Korean government and under the management of NIA. The Program activities aim at supporting ICT development and promoting information of society.

More information of KIV Program and class schedule can be found in the following link: ./.

From Department of Scientific Affairs - International Relations - Projects

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