On 28th July 2017, the Opening ceremony of Jeollanamdo Promotion Lounge took place at Can Tho University of Technology (CTUT). Participating the ceremony are representatives from Jeollanamdo province, Korea, Can Tho Fatherland Front Committee, Can Tho People’s Council, Can Tho authority departments, Can Tho Union of Friendship Organizations and CTUT.

       The Ceremony was started by Vietnam traditional performances, and especially the Kpop dance with participation of KIV volunteers from Korea. In his opening speech, Mr. Park Ho, Jeollanamdo Ambassador of International Relations, expressed his joy when the Promotion Lounge had been completed and put into use. He believed that the Lounge would be an effective way to introduce and promote the information of Jeollanamdo as well as Korean people and culture to citizens and students of Can Tho city. Furthermore, the activities of the Lounge will contribute to creating chances of exchange and study for students of the two countries, and strengthening the relationship between Jeollanamdo and Can Tho city.


The delegates at the Opening Ceremony of Jeollanamdo Promotion Lounge

        Speaking at the Ceremony, Mrs. Phan Thi Hong Nhung, Chairwoman of Can Tho Fatherland Front Committee, showed her excitement to a promotion lounge that introduces Korea and Jeollanamdo province at Can Tho city. On behalf of Can Tho authority, Mrs. Nhung would like to express her gratitude to Jeollanamdo provincial government for taking initiative in setting up the Jeollanamdo Promotion Lounge and promote activities that tighten the bilateral relations. In addition, in the upcoming time, Can Tho Fatherland Front Committee will also initiate more activities so that citizens of Jeollanamdo and Can Tho city could have more opportunities of interactive exchange and take advantage of the mutual benefits, and make the most of the Promotion Lounge.

The delegates join the ribbon cutting ceremony

       From CTUT, Dr. Duong Thai Cong, Rector of CTUT, presented his appreciation to the authorities of Can Tho city and Jeollanamdo province for trusting and choosing CTUT as the place for the Lounge. Dr. Cong would also like to show his gratefulness to the leaders, staff and students who supported the completion of this Promotion Lounge. Moreover, the University is willing to be the place for citizens and students of Jeollanamdo province and Can Tho city to exchange and learn about each other. The Rector also showed his belief that the Promotion Lounge would be a good way to not only create international exchange environment for CTUT staff and students, but also encourage them to prepare for the working environment of globalization.

The delegates at the Jeollanamdo Promotion Lounge

       After the session in the Hall, the delegates moved to the Promotion Lounge to perform the ribbon cutting ceremony and paid a visit to the Lounge. The delegates showed excitement when visiting the Promotion Lounge and said that they would introduce the Lounge to other citizens of Can Tho city.

     Jeollanamdo Promotion Lounge is considered to be one of the milestones that mark the friendship of Can Tho city and Jeollanamdo province. The activities of the Lounge would contribute to opening new opportunities of exchange and cooperation between Can Tho city and Jeollanamdo province.

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