After nearly 02 months of volunteering activities at Can Tho University of Technology (CTUT), on 23rd August 2016, 02 groups of Korean volunteers ended the program Korean IT Volunteer (World Friends IT - KIV 2016) with various meaningful and interesting activities together with CTUT students.

During the time of the program, 8 members of the 02 volunteer groups have conducted training courses on Photoshop, PowerPoint, Korean language, Taekwondo and some other activities of cultural, culinary and sports exchange with the participation of CTUT staff and students. Besides activities related to IT, this is also a good chance for CTUT students to learn more about Korean culture; at the same time, the students can practice foreign language and social skills when taking part in the activities with the volunteers.

The friendliness and enthusiasm of the volunteers have left beautiful memories and affection to CTUT students. All of that have created emotional atmosphere at the farewell party.

Following the success of 2015 and 2016 programs, CTUT will continue to propose receiving KIV volunteers in the upcoming years, so that CTUT students can have more opportunities to access to international learning environment, which is helpful for forming necessary soft skills in order to work within multinational environment./.

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